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    I’ve been leading the engineering work on the Security Management Center for the last twenty years, from its birth to the very accomplished stage it is right now.

    As part of the product engineering lead team, I’ve been working a lot with the product management on requirements and specifications, ranking and planning, to solve challenges related to resources optimization and time to market imperatives. Getting the best value out of our teams while following a coherent product strategy that align with company perspectives and expectations requires deep technical understanding from both customer needs and operational constraints and can only be achieved by enabling innovation and bold technical choices in engineering teams.

    Software Development: being a former developer myself, I’ve been very careful in promoting software engineering qualities that always pay off in the long run. High quality goals, peer reviews and strong software skills are keys for engineers blossoming and expertise must be a structure culture within engineering teams.

    As the head of SMC I had up to 50 people and 7 teams in my organization, which I’ve been proudly pushing to many achievements along the years. High expertise, low attrition, and sustained motivation are the results of management experience and strategies that enable and maximize individual fulfillment, fair and transparent team leading, acknowledging efforts and challenges, and careful selection and promotion decisions.

    The development of the SMC has occurred within different organizations while the company has been through many different acquisitions, from small and European style with Stonesoft to very large American groups as part of McAfee or Intel. In those large orgs, I was able to arrange successful collaborations with many foreign teams in various countries and culture inside international organizations.