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My Mad Fat Diary
Episode List
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2x1 - First Date Strike
2x2 - Radar
The long hot summer is over and Rae is starting her first year at Sixth Form College. She's determined that things will be different this year, but she quickly starts to struggle under the pressure. When her relationship with Finn thrusts her into the spotlight, Rae must decide whether to run away from the bullies or to face her fears.
2x3 - Girls
Without Finn in her life, Rae feels lonely in college and struggles to make friends. When the chance comes to be a part of the cool gang, she has to decide how far she'll go to fit in. Meanwhile, Archie is firmly back in the closet, which infuriates Rae - can she really be friends with someone so fake?
2x4 - Friday
2x5 - Inappropriate Adult
2x6 - Not I (1)
2x7 - Not I (2)
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