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House of Cards (US)
Episode List
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2x1 - Chapter 1
Allegiances are abandoned after a promise is broken in the opener of this drama, which follows a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife as they navigate the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.
2x2 - Chapter 15
Amid turmoil in the home, Frank takes office. Foreign relations become entangled as Durant's team bungles a meeting. As foes negotiate to thwart her, Jackie maneuvers to strengthen her position. Lucas acquires new skills in order to pursue his secret investigation.
2x3 - Chapter 16
Francis's relationship Tusk becomes strained as tension with China escalates. Meanwhile, he must face down the Senate. Republicans.
2x4 - Chapter 17
While Francis is forced to stay in the Capitol with Donald Blythe, Claire gives an explosive interview.
2x5 - Chapter 18
While the Underwoods gain a mysterious new ally, Francis open negotiations with a Chinese billionaire. Meanwhile, Lucas attempts to expose the Vice President.
2x13 - Chapter 26
With an outraged nation, Francis could have to step down. Meanwhile, Claire experiences the consequences of their actions and Stamper rushes to tie up any loose ends.
2x6 - Chapter 19
Despite being in the middle of an energy crisis, Francis ends his pact with Tusk. Meanwhile, Stamper becomes closer to Rachel and Lucas has to make a hard choice
2x9 - Chapter 22
Tusk engineers a scandal for the Underwoods, which even draws in Freddy
2x10 - Chapter 23
Having to deal with a military crisis abroad and issues at home, Francis decides to remove the Tusk problem permanently. Meanwhile, Jackie Sharp and Claire have a run-in.
2x11 - Chapter 24
Francis must face being questioned by a Special Prosecutor. Meanwhile, Stamper must face some truths and Remy Danton attempts not to choose sides.
2x7 - Chapter 20
While the Underwoods grow closer to the Walkers, Francis and Tusk declare war.
2x8 - Chapter 21
As well as having to deal with Tusk, Francis confronts Linda Vasquez. Meanwhile, Claire becomes a key influence on Tricia Walker.
2x12 - Chapter 25
Francis finds himself shut out and Claire makes a difficult sacrifice. Stamper tries to regain control.
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